Quality Assurance for Over 50 Years

Hurley Technical Services (HTS) was established in 1970. We cater to companies and clients committed to securing timely delivery of quality equipment and material from vendor sources throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America.

We provide professional inspection, supplier quality surveillance and technical expediting staff to ensure quality and economical service to such industries as Energy Water, Utilities Infrastructure, Transportation, Chemicals, Quality Engineering, Building and Concrete.

Perhaps best of all, our services often invoice at just 1% – 2% of your purchase value. Now there’s real value!

The People of HTS,

The heart of any company’s operation revolves around the technical competence and experience of the person in the field. All HTS personnel are carefully chosen professionals with a technical or engineering education background, or have served recognized industrial apprenticeships that have led to careers in inspection and expediting.

HTS personnel are available individually or as a team, with all assignments receiving the same, total commitment.

The Importance of Third Party Inspection

Download excellent information on the importance of third party inspection written by our founder, Thomas P. Hurley.

Clients That Rely on HTS

Our client list includes some industry leaders, both large and small….here in the US and abroad.

What We Do

We offer complete service in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe & Asia.

Services We Offer

  • Source Inspection
  • Equipment Inspection Programs
  • Damage & Repair Inspection
  • Physical Testing Witness
  • Vendor Surveillance Inspection

  • Plant Surveys & Logics/Audits
  • Technical Expediting
  • Vendor Performance Histories
  • Positive Alloy Identification
  • NDT Testing

Reasons to Expedite. HTS can help!

  • BACKLOG: Loss of revenue If equipment of material is not received as schedule for your product line scheduling.
  • DOWNTIME: Consider the cost to your company if downtime Is involved.
  • SLOWED PRODUCTION: Overall production may be slowed, reducing your company’s total output growth and net profits.
  • CAPITAL FLOW: The capital flow of a company can dwindle greatly. IF your deliveries aren;’t made, YOU CAN’T INVOICE.
  • NO WORK: If your personal and manufacturing facilities are waiting for vendor materials and components, YOU’RE LOSING MONEY.
  • FUTURE BUSINESS: Realize the loss of future business if a company doesn’t meet their PRESENT commitments.