HTS Knows Materials

Our services include interim progressive inspections as well as the witnessing of all equipment performance testing, radiographic interpretations and all types of non-destructive testing.

HTS will formulate the quality control procedures and establish inspection stages for all equipment and materials you purchase.

Below is a partial list of the types of equipment HTS inspects:

• Agitators
• Compressors
• Engines, Gas & Diesel
• Fans
• Pumps, Peristaltic & Hydraulic
• Solid Handling Equipment
• Turbines, Steam & Gas

• Air Testing
• Close Tolerance Measurements
• Dye Penetrant
• Eddy Currant
• Halogen Testing
• Magnetic Particle
• Material Physical Testing
• Pressure Destructive Testing

• Bolting
• Castings & Forgings
• Linings
• Paint Coatings
• Pipe, Spools & Fittings
• Plate Steel
• Refractory
• Sampling (Bulk)
• Structural Steel

• Circuit Breakers
• Control Panels
• Generators
• Instrumentation
• Motors
• Motor Control
• Equipment
• Power Suppliers
• Switchgear
• Transformers
• Wire & Cable
• Surge Suppresors

• Boilers
• Centrifuges
• Condensors
• Coolers
• Cyclones
• Dryers
• Expansion Joints
• Extruders
• Furnaces & Components
• Heat Exchangers
• Package Units
• Pressure Vessels
• Spheres & Spheroids
• Tanks

• Filters
• Fire Equipment
• Flare Systems
• Insulation, Castable & Brick
• Loading Arms
• Locomotives
• Organic & Inorganic
• Raw Materials
• Refrigeration Equipment
• Spare Parts
• Trucks, Specially Equipped
• Used Equipment Evaluations
• Wood, Timber & Pilings
• Towers, including Internals
• Valves, all types

Electrical Equipment

HTS inspects all types of electrical equipment from transformers to regulators, to both foreign and domestic specifications and codes.

HTS’ inspectors are qualified by numerous clients to witness all testing on electrical equipment from switches to switchgears.

HTS formulates quality inspection plans for most major electrical equipment before or after order placement.

We have provided coverage at many major vendors including the following:

  • Honeywell
  • Fischer Controls
  • Brooks Instruments
  • General Electric
  • Westinghouse Electric
  • Electric Machinery
  • Siemens

We have also developed quality inspection report forms to accommodate various clients and types of electrical equipment. We welcome your review

NACE Inspection

A NACE inspection reviews various coatings on structures, pipelines, refineries, water tanks, military installations, natural gas facilities, wastewater utilities, underground structure and shipyard structures, to name just a few.

The NACE inspection program is the most widely recognized certification for coatings professionals . It is dedicated to protecting the environment,  improving public safety and reducing the economic impact of corrosion. Testing is performed to ensure that coating systems are installed correctly.

Materials Inspection & Alloy Verification

HTS’ scope of inspection is not limited to major pieces of equipment, but also includes inspection of the materials from which the major equipment is fabricated.

Our staff has provided HTS’ clients with inspection coverage from bulk grain to catalyst; from lumber to ceramics; from cast iron casings to super austenitic alloys; from communications equipment to turbines; from linings and coatings, to witness of physical testing.

In providing buyers with source inspection, HTS is familiar with most major national and international material specifications and Codes to insure “What is purchased is what is shipped”.

A very active part of HTS is Alloy Verification. Hurley Technical Services Inc. provides Alloy Identification and Analyzation, via a portable Niton XLT 898. Additional PMI information and rate scheduling is available upon request.