For Over 50 Years…

Hurley Technical Services was established in 1970 as an inspection and expediting service company. Our sole objectives have always been to provide the technical expertise, management and field personnel critical to purchases in securing quality and timely materials and equipment through source inspection and expediting. We service companies and clients committed to securing timely delivery of quality equipment and material from vendor sources throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America.

HTS combines experienced management, administrative and field teams. We employ a professional inspection and expediting staff that ensures quality and economic service to such diverse industries as Energy, Water, Utilities Infrastructure, Transportation, Chemicals, and Quality Engineering. HTS has strategically placed its field personnel in major industrial areas across the United States and Canada, with associate companies in Europe and the Far East.

Finally, it’s important to know that HTS represents its clients at the source. Our inspectors know how to evaluate the quality of materials, the manufacture, assembly and testing to meet the purchase order, the codes and relevant final product specifications…before it ships to you.

The People of HTS

All HTS personnel are carefully chosen professionals with a technical or engineering education background, or have served recognized industrial apprenticeships that have led to careers in inspection and expediting.

Our personnel have a strong background with blueprints, wiring diagrams, close tolerance instrumentation, manufacturing processes, national and industrial codes. On-going training ensures that HTS staff is always at the top of their field. You won’t settle for anything less…and neither will we.

Thanks very much for your interest in what we do. We look forward to demonstrate its ambitious and effective response to your inspection and expediting needs.

We welcome your call or email for more information.

Why Hurley Technical Services?

For over 50 years, HTS has been the preferred industry leader when it comes to quality control inspection and expediting. Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • HTS maintains a full time, qualified, experience staff.
  • You can eliminate the cost of your own inspection/expediting staff.
  • Only pay for services when you need them.
  • HTS personnel are located in the major industrial areas in the United States, Canadian, South America, Europe and Asia.
  • Communication is immediate and direct with the manufacturer.
  • HTS is an impartial third party.
  • HTS rates are the best in the industry.
  • HTS encourages personal interviews of it’s inspectors.
  • Our reporting is prompt, precise and correct.
  • Supervision of all assignments is part of our services.
  • Quality Control Inspection/Expediting is our only business.

Professional Associations

We’re proud to be affiliated with some of the best associations serving our industry.

American Society of Quality Control
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Society of Non-Destructive Testing
American Society of Testing & Materials
American Petroleum Institute
American Welding Society
National Association of Quality Engineers
American Water Works Association

Industries Served By HTS


• Refining
• Chemical
• Consumer Products Mfg.
• Shipbuilding
• Mining


• Engineering/Construction
• Pharmaceutical
• Auto/Truck/Rail/Aero Transport
• Gas & Oil Transmission
• Safety

• Petro-Chemical
• Appliance
• Water Infrastructure
• Water & Waste Treatment
• Steel & Alloys Mills