Inspection Services

HTS has been servicing the HCP Industry for more than 40 years. Major changes have occurred in the Industry, especially foreign project levels. We partner with principal associates who have established credible service organizations.

We now offer our services to clients in Europe, South America, and Asia/Pacific Rim, and our own services to Canada and Mexico.

Not only do we service U.S. companies internationally, but International Companies located in North America.

HTS Directing & Coordinating
Foreign Inspection

HTS will direct and coordinate all activities of our International Associates. We hold specific approval authority over every inspector representing our clients’ interests. We establish a firm Inspection Plan prior to initiating Associate activities. We limit the coverage and financial aspects of every job.

Worldwide Coverage
with Less Travel Costs

The savings experienced by our clients in utilizing our international services are obvious. HTS’ Associates can provide coverage within the industrial areas and countries where materials and equipment are purchased.


All reporting is provided in English. Although we promote inspectors who read and write English, it is not always possible to secure good English reports. Some must be translated and edited to accomplish the standard required by our customers. HTS provides this service.

Electronic Reporting

International electronic reporting brings immediate reporting to all clients for minimal fees.

No Foreign Contracts Required

When we represent our clients, there’s no need for a contract with the foreign agents. All International Associates work directly for HTS, with no contractual agreements necessary between them and HTS’ clientele.

Invoices in US Dollars

All invoices are issued in U.S. Dollars. HTS’ clientele will receive all invoices in U.S. Dollars and will not have to contend with foreign currency exchange rate fluctuation.

Qualifying the Service

HTS needed to qualify associate companies in most major industrialized countries to service our clientele economically and efficiently. HTS secured information and data on the qualifications and coverage of each associate company worldwide, their approach, the experience and training of their personnel in every major discipline. As a result, Hurley Technical Services brought under agreement companies able to offer competent inspection/expediting services in every country in Western Europe, most of Asia, and all of South America. We have an effective network of 16 companies responding immediately to our clients’ need for qualified inspection/expediting coverage worldwide.

International Guidelines

Hurley Technical Services has established a Manual of Guidelines for all International Associate Companies. The purpose of these guidelines is to maintain the same service by our Associate Affiliates worldwide as we have in North America. There should be no difference in the service quality provided to our clientele. These guidelines have improved our service quality and coverage. If you deal with International Associates, you will be dealing with Hurley Technical Services.

Access to International Associates

It has taken HTS over two decades to establish Associate Companies in all major countries and on most continents. Our international network of Associate Inspection Companies will provide you with coverage from Singapore to Argentina.

International Coverage

Hurley Technical Services has a network of Associate Companies in South America, Europe, and the Far East, in addition to our North American Inspection Representatives.

Direct & Immediate
International Coverage

HTS is able to provide direct interface with Associate Companies, even the inspector on the job, in al countries located in North and South America, Europe, and the Far East.

Qualified Inspectors

All Associate Companies must provide a Matrix of Experience and Coverage of all inspection staff. HTS will review each inspector in accordance with his experience level with the materials or equipment he is inspecting. HTS will approve al inspectors used for our work.