Why Source Expedite?

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that your firm uses source expediting.

Material shortages, long fabrication times and delivery slippages of the material and equipment surely cause delays in your own production scheduling. This costs your company money. However, timely expediting of your purchased material and equipment will help prevent this costly vendor delivery setbacks.

  • Early Establishment of vendor’s actual delivery capability and intentions.
  • Reduce your concern for late deliveries.
  • In-plant expediting verifies progress; telephone expediting does not.
  • In-plant promotes your jobs.
  • Source expediting prevents works stoppages at vendor’s plant.

While no service can guarantee 100% effectiveness, HTS does promise the following:

  • Prompt initial status evaluation.
  • Verification of actual progress at the vendor’s plant. Not only in engineering, but also on the production floor and shipping dock.
  • A qualified expediter that knows the equipment and material you ordered.
  • An experienced expediter that knows fabrication processes, the time required to complete them and a realistic appraisal of the vendor capability and intention to meet their scheduled deliveries.
  • An expediter that will seek improvement through assistance, scheduling and sub-order alternatives, direct contact with management, and an ambitious, dogged approach to schedule improvement and prompt deliveries.

The People of HTS

All HTS personnel are carefully chosen professionals with a technical or engineering education background, or have served recognized industrial apprenticeships that have led to careers in inspection and expediting.

Our personnel have a strong background with blueprints, wiring diagrams, close tolerance instrumentation, manufacturing processes, national and industrial codes. On-going training ensures that HTS staff is always at the top of their field. You won’t settle for anything less…and neither will we.

Thanks very much for your interest in what we do. We look forward to demonstrate its ambitious and effective response to your inspection and expediting needs.

We welcome your call or email for more information.

Industries Served By HTS

• Refining
• Chemical
•Consumer Products Mfg.
• Shipbuilding
• Mining

• Engineering/Construction
• Pharmaceutical
•Auto/Trucl/Aero/Rail Transport
• Gas & Oil Transmission
• Safety

• Petro-Chemical
• Appliance
• Health
• Water & Waste Management
• Steel & Alloys Mills